WEBN Fireworks 2011, Cincinnati, OH  USA

Went to the WEBN Fireworks with my nephew Aron and his friend Vedder.  Was a downpour til the last minute, then we snuck into a real sweet spot on the KY side right on the river to view first-hand under the bridge, then out we went.

…and then his transmission went out and we had to leave the car behind because it was a real bad neighborhood with gang activity going on around us.

Last year went with Karen and Devlyn and had a pretty good time.  Got to use my fancy umbrella chair for the 2nd time outside, finally.  😀  Should have gotten the houseboat on the cheap, and I knew it. Grrrr…

A Day Out With The Duckster

Rode down to Northside and smoked a bowl of the chronic with the Duckster, then we rode into Clifton to grab something to eat at Arlin’s next to the old Firehouse.  I had potato skins while he had his fave of cheese fries with mushroom gravy swathed all over ’em.  Played a few games a few pool, I won 2-1, and each had 2 drafts. I had Miller Lite and he had Sam Adams.

Now nobody can be saying we’re disturbing them around the home front.  😀