Made a new ecig sale for South Beach Smoke. It was a big sale, too, giving me a commision of $119 and some change. I was hoping to get the check later this month, but they have already been released. Looks like I’ll be getting one next month, though, for $184.98. Not too bad considering it’s just one of the companies I affiliate with, and I could always make a few more sales in between the next check cutting.

I noticed a new flag on my 43Things counter today, and it was from Iraq. That brings my grand total to visitors from 85 countries.

I promised everyone on LetMeWatchThis (1channel) that I would rip and upload the P90X video series. No big deal, but now I can’t find a streaming host that will allow me to upload that much data. I also have the Department S series to upload, as well. Of course, it’s going to take a while, anyway, because Road Runner (regardless of what they tell you) does throttle speeds, but first I need to solve this hosting space dilemma.

Speaking of P90X, I really need to get active again. The last 3 or 4 months have been really lazy for me. I’m not sure if it’s the bi-polar or what, but it seems like my productivity has gone way down.

I think I’ll start with Sparkpeople because that site and it’s people always seem to motivate me. The menus, themselves, make the site worth it, but it’s put together really well. I recommend it to everyone.

Of course, I need to actually start exercising, too. I’ve always said that the Total Gym is definitely a good fit for me, but I’ve never really taken advantage of it. I’ve had it for probably 5 years now, though, and have used it maybe a dozen times. Time to get back the money I spent for it, though, and do my body some good in the meantime.

I was thinking that, since I want/need to do this anyway, maybe I should put up a fitness blog up and write about my experience? Maybe include some fat and skinny photos for the ‘before and after’ shots. Hopefully, I would make a few bucks along the way, too.

Like an idiot, last Friday I auto-updated the WordPress framework on my Latchkey Niche Blogs site and, I should have known, it killed it. Originally, I thought I would have to recreate the entire thing, and was contemplating changing the theme, too. Since it wasn’t working anyway, I decided to just delete everything and start from the ground up. After I re-installed WordPress, though, I noticed that the posts were still there, which reminded me that the database was still in place, since I hadn’t deleted it.

Long story short: It was all still there, but since the links on the pics had changed, I had to re-upload those. Not a big deal, though, since I only have 18 blogs for sale at the moment, and only a handful of other graphics on the entire blog, fortunately. It took me a total of about 20 minutes, and now the site looks just like it did before ‘the incident.’

I still need to re-do the Paypal links so I can actually sell the blogs, but that shouldn’t take more than an hour or so once I get a chance to get to it.

Latchkey Niche Blogs – Premium Turnkey Niche Blogs at a Smart Price

And finally, some words of wisdom from Harlan Ellison:

‎”Everybody has opinions: I have them, you have them. And we are all told from the moment we open our eyes, that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Well, that’s horsepuckey, of course. We are not entitled to our opinions; we are entitled to our informed opinions. Without research, without background, without understanding, it’s nothing. It’s just bibble-babble. It’s like a fart in a wind tunnel, folks.” – Harlan Ellison


12:33 am : 07/12/2012  : First entry of the day- Should be asleep by now but, as usual, it ain’t happenin’. At the moment, I cannot remember what the heck I did today! 😀 Oh yeah… a bit ago, the G-man himself stopped by and we sat around and talked for a while. It was good to see him again. We used to get together quite a bit, over the last few years, not so much for the last year or so. Should write much more about that later. He has never even offered to take me where he lives since, I believe, he lived on Delaney. Don’t know what’s up with that, but something smells ripe in Denmark… Anyway, he brought along some mean green to leave with me. Puffed on a couple bowls of it already, and not too bad.

Both of my personal blogs, ‘BradleyJAnderson‘ and ‘WhoTheFuckIsBrad‘, have the same WordPress theme I noticed. It’s called ‘Greyzed‘ and it’s author/creator is ‘The Forge Web Creations‘. I may revert the FuckBrad blog back to it’s original, Hitcockian-influenced theme called “Vertigo”, but I will definitely keep looking around. I think it would be a lot easier for me if I could just learn how to do it myself. It’s hard to get good designs that really appeal to me, but these are personal blogs for me, so even more important than my business ones, at the moment, at least. Not sure if that makes me happy or sad, at the moment, though. Perhaps a bit of both, I may be thinking…

PB & J time, yum, yum, yummmmmmm… 😛

Need to get some serious work done with Ecigs Today quick, especially in getting some material written. Articles are something I need to get a lot of, but this topic is a bit scarce to find anything, and a lot of it is very repetitive.

Finally received my replacement card today, paid off the fine of $165 (and found out it would have been even more expensive had I waited to handle it in court, because then court fees would have to be attached, as well. Then I went to pick my meds, the now-familiar Paxil and the new Lamictal, the only drug I know of that can kill with a deadly rash!  o.0  It’s true… look it up for yourself! The Lamictal is replacing my usual dose of Depakote, which has worked quite well for me in higher doses, but the weight gain is simply unbearable. I could write a book on that, I’m sure, and maybe I should, but more about that topic later.

Lamictal tablet

Lamictal tablet
(Photo credit: My Drug Dealer)

2:14 am:  Just downloaded the ‘Vertigo’ theme, so I think I will set it up on my hosting and get a proper domain name.  With the current set of WordPress plug-in’s I can use on this, this should be very awesome, indeed.  Looks like I’m off and running again.  At least until I nod off.   Can’t wait to see this live with the plug-ins installed.  Should be very cool.

3:04 am:  I’m dead.  Picking out a movie at Let Me Watch This and calling it a night.  Or morning.  Or whatthefuckever.

Later.  Peace! And give it a chance says the late great John Lennon! Enjoy.!  Seacrest, out!

John Lennon Ascii Art Give Peace A Chance


1:10 pm. – Listenin’ to this…

… while sippin’ and tokin’ one of these. Join me now, if you like…

Mania sat in, as usual, on payday and hasn’t declined since.  My newest friends have quit calling me for the last few days, for some reason, so I have had more than the usual amount of energy. However, got LOTS of work done on the Ecigs Today site yesterday.  Bad news, though, in that when I updated my WP framework for Latchkey Niche Blogs, it broke, and I don’t think I ever made a backup of it.

I did get an idea today about using to host Latchkey Productions site. It would be a lot easier, problems would be WP’s problems, and I can just send the blog to my LP domain.  🙂

Shake It! Records in Northside

Sadly, I missed the big day here yesterday for National Vinyl Day , but still always a cool place to hang any time. What I had never noticed before was that they had postcards! I liked them alot, but to send out to people in other countries they probably wouldn’t make much sense, nor would a lot of them probably be appropriate for younger citizens at Postcrossing.

Maybe I should look and see if there is a 43Things postcard exchange.

Shake It Records owner Jim Blase is extremely cool and is a living history book of music. 🙂

Just google images for them and you’ll see pretty much the entire interior of the store, which happens to be very hip and 2 stories.

Feeding squirrels with pumpkins.  Made killer pumpkin this year.  Got pro carving set.  Making Grinch X-mas pumpkin for use on Thanksgiving and up til Xmas, then to the squirrels and birds again.

Aron moved in and out.  Lying around doing nothing, or so it seemed to mom, at least. No job, finally got a job for 2 weeks and then got fired for playing.  Oh, and his girlfriend, Katie, is pregnant with a little boy.

Just watched another sunrise.  This is about the 6th one over 2 weeks, and the 3rd day in a row.  🙂  Try to get Bozo in the spirit to watch one the other morning, but he wasn’t having it.  However he did get to play outside of his cage for almost an hour, which is the first time in many years.

He did absolutely fine, too.  And Weiner just sat and watched him like I thought he would, but Mom blew up, anyway.

… but all is well, I assure everyone.  🙂

Bought a new Bonsai tree today.  Still debating on whether to buy the Duckster one for his late birthday/early Christmas/hey, thanks for helping me fix my computer gift, but after him beating up on Aron it definitely pissed me off for a while.  I seriously had to stop and reconsider whether I could even see him again.  I hope that never happens again.

Thanksgiving was very nice.

Ready to put up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree now.

Helped Mom put together her hand-crafted gift baskets and all the gifts worked out just right.

Sadly, I haven’t won even one more thing since my lucky streak last summer.  😦

Picking up my guitar at LEAST once a day since I bought it.  😀

But that’s okay, don’t count me out.  I’m still in the ball game…

WEBN Fireworks 2011, Cincinnati, OH  USA

Went to the WEBN Fireworks with my nephew Aron and his friend Vedder.  Was a downpour til the last minute, then we snuck into a real sweet spot on the KY side right on the river to view first-hand under the bridge, then out we went.

…and then his transmission went out and we had to leave the car behind because it was a real bad neighborhood with gang activity going on around us.

Last year went with Karen and Devlyn and had a pretty good time.  Got to use my fancy umbrella chair for the 2nd time outside, finally.  😀  Should have gotten the houseboat on the cheap, and I knew it. Grrrr…

A Day Out With The Duckster

Rode down to Northside and smoked a bowl of the chronic with the Duckster, then we rode into Clifton to grab something to eat at Arlin’s next to the old Firehouse.  I had potato skins while he had his fave of cheese fries with mushroom gravy swathed all over ’em.  Played a few games a few pool, I won 2-1, and each had 2 drafts. I had Miller Lite and he had Sam Adams.

Now nobody can be saying we’re disturbing them around the home front.  😀

Went and partied and then spent the night at Scott’s last night. Right before that, I had just got back from Northside.  Picked up some green and hung out with the Duckster for a bit.

Tonight, electric went out for almost 3 hours 10 p – 1 am.  Wasn’t even storming or anything.  Beatiful night sitting on the front porch, and everything went off in the whole block.  Smoked some weed, drank a 40 and hung out with Aron for a bit.

Today, the 25th, I’m running low on papers and tobacco, and I am broke except for 11 cents.  Really nice how I always sabotage myself like this. Grrr…

Party Pics Are Up, Party People!

I’m getting a bit more work done today, and I got an email from WEBN a few minutes ago that reminded me about their blog.  I went to check, and sure enough they have pics up now.  😀

That’s me on the floor with the black-and-gray checkered shirt and the black leather hat on, just jammin’ away at around 7:30 a.m.

And then you’ll see me about 3 hours later after drinking my share of the Budweiser’s.  Notice the fixed eyes and slack jaw.  😀

As you can see, the alcohol got the better of me, as usual.  😀

It’s still not the 2 pics I was supposed to get (thanks to a couple of BITCHES!), but at least I got a record of it for myself.  🙂  It was an awesome time, and definitely one for the record books.

Sometimes life does rock…

… and so does WEBN 102.7, baby! Yeah! Went to the radio station yesterday with a friend and rocked out with 6 other winners and their guests.

Budweiser provided free libations for everyone, and White Castle (a local restaurant chain) provided burgers and fries. Remember now, this is all at 7:00 in the morning! 😀

We spent the next 3 hours there listening to a local band called Rootbound and they absolutely rocked! Check out their home page here.

Towards the end, we all got 2 of the older Bengals-looking Frog (mascot) stickers (sadly, no t-shirts, though), and a ticket each to go see ‘Root Fest’  (featuring our local Rootbound) in West Union, Ohio in August.  It’s a big local music festival that rocks from 4 p.m.-4 a.m., then everybody camps out afterwards.  You can read more about it here.  It’s definitely a good time.

When we first got there, Rodney (the rep) gave us all a ticket, and then at the very end he called out numbers. Guess what I won, all?  Two tickets to go see 311 & Sublime!  Yeah, baby!  😀

But then as I was leaving, another guy asked me if I wanted to trade my tickets for  New York Dolls, Poison and Motley Crue on the 26th of this month! Yea!! Even better, baby!  Old chicks my age will be there!  😀

That’s 3 winning days in a row for me, and ‘Yes’ I have knocked wood every time I have written these. 😀

I’ve already counted my blessings, but I have to admit I am a bit excited to see what Day 4 has in store for me today… ???

WEBN Still Rocks!!

Super mother-friggin’sweet, bitches! I just got a call from the oldest rock radio station in the area, WEBN, and I am a winner! (See, I told everyone Charlie Sheen was right. He is about the Adonis DNA, too)

I’ve been rockin’ with WEBN (102.7 FM – Home of the Lunatic Fringe) since 1971 when I was only 7, and I’ll be 47 next month, so this is my 40th year listening.

So me and a friend have to show up at the station just before 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday. We will then be taken to the control room where we will party online for the next 2-1/2 hours with Wild Man Walker , Bob The Producer, Shroom, Meat and the oh-so-lovely Jenni .

The people from Budweiser, co-sponsors of the contest, will also be on-hand to give out free beer to all of us during this time. A little early in the day (actually, morning) to be drinking, but what the fuck for a special occasion, right?!

Rodney, the WEBN rep that called me, said that prizes will also be given away during this time and, although he doesn’t know exactly what they will be, everyone will walk out with at least something. I do believe there are 2 really big concerts coming up (Motley Crue/Poison and Goo Goo Dolls/Michele Branch), and this station always give up tickets, so I’m hoping for the best.

I’m always telling everyone how lucky I am with contests, but no one ever believes me. Well, listen in on Tuesday morning and, if I get the chance, you’ll get to hear me yell into the microphone my favorite catchphrase of  late:

“You know what the proudest moment of my life was, Wild Man Walker?”

“What’s that, Brad?”

“When I got this tattoo on my back of the Kool-Aid Man.  3% fruit juice, motherfuckers!  Oh, yeeeeah!!!!”

Hopefully, someone somewhere will have the tape rolling when it happens…