Just bought it, and I found it just up the street! I’m stoked! It’s a PRS (Paul Reed Smith) 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24, baby, in the scarlet red finish, as can be seen in this pic:

It’s exactly the one I wanted, too. I got it for $300 less than everyone else had it even online, and it was an out-the-door price (meaning no sales tax). I aso got the hardshell case and a Fender Mustang 1 amp with it. The amp has built-in effects so I won’t have to get a bunch of pedals to get different sounds and tones. Since I bought and paid for everything at once, the salesman even gave me the amp at half price and the hardshell case free. 🙂

Buddy Rogers Music was the last place I thought about looking, but it turned out they were exactly what I needed, after all. 🙂 I was in and out the door in less than 30 minutes, and he even took the time to tune the guitar properly and wax it.

After playing this cheap Washburn for so long, this should be a welcome change. I’m sure it will play completely different. This should be much closer in playability to my old BC Rich Mockingbird (see photo below), but hopefully not as heavy. The tone is suuuuuuper sweet! 😀

Winter will be coming up soon, so I’ve made it a goal to start learning and playing again throughout the entire cold season and see how I do. I also bought the really nice Gibson course that should do very nicely in lieu of paying a private tutor. I hope it all comes back as quickly as riding that proverbial bicycle. 😀