Phase 10 Card Game
That’s an easy one. My favorite card game (with a standard decks of playing cards) is ‘Casino’! It’s really hard to find people that know how to play. It’s a quick-paced game, but not so brain-bending so it still allows everyone to socialize a bit. Games can be relatively short or long depending on which version rules you decide to use. An awesome game even school children can play to help strenghen their math skills. Highly recommended.

Complete official rules here:

For ANY type of card game, then my favorite is ‘Phase 10’ (pictured above). It’s basically Shanghai Rummy with a different deck, if you know how to play Shanghai. A description and rules are here:

Question of the day:
Beach or Pool?  Why?


Not many people probably know this, but I can’t swim a lick. I can dog paddle for a bit, as long as my toe doesn’t pop out of place. 😀 So I would choose NEITHER. But if I had to swim, I guess I would rather be in a pool, because you can control at least some of the filth with chemicals. 😀

A good friend once told me, “If you don’t come into this world hard, Life will make you that way before she takes you out,” and it’s absolutely true. With that said, my theme song would be ‘Dog Eat Dog’ by Ted Nugent from the album ‘Free-for-All’ (another very appropriate title).

Ted Nugent Free-For-All AlbumCover