Feeding squirrels with pumpkins.  Made killer pumpkin this year.  Got pro carving set.  Making Grinch X-mas pumpkin for use on Thanksgiving and up til Xmas, then to the squirrels and birds again.

Aron moved in and out.  Lying around doing nothing, or so it seemed to mom, at least. No job, finally got a job for 2 weeks and then got fired for playing.  Oh, and his girlfriend, Katie, is pregnant with a little boy.

Just watched another sunrise.  This is about the 6th one over 2 weeks, and the 3rd day in a row.  🙂  Try to get Bozo in the spirit to watch one the other morning, but he wasn’t having it.  However he did get to play outside of his cage for almost an hour, which is the first time in many years.

He did absolutely fine, too.  And Weiner just sat and watched him like I thought he would, but Mom blew up, anyway.

… but all is well, I assure everyone.  🙂

Bought a new Bonsai tree today.  Still debating on whether to buy the Duckster one for his late birthday/early Christmas/hey, thanks for helping me fix my computer gift, but after him beating up on Aron it definitely pissed me off for a while.  I seriously had to stop and reconsider whether I could even see him again.  I hope that never happens again.

Thanksgiving was very nice.

Ready to put up my Charlie Brown Christmas tree now.

Helped Mom put together her hand-crafted gift baskets and all the gifts worked out just right.

Sadly, I haven’t won even one more thing since my lucky streak last summer.  😦

Picking up my guitar at LEAST once a day since I bought it.  😀

But that’s okay, don’t count me out.  I’m still in the ball game…