Special Characters Cheat Sheet

A lot of people have asked how I access the little ‘keyboard characters’ (usually called ‘alt codes or symbols’) that I oftentimes use in my posts and pictures, so here it is, ladies and germs.  This is the most complete list that I personally know of, but if anyone knows of any more please let us know.

Special Characters Keyboard


HTML/XHTML Character Entities


HTML Entities & Special Characters


The Working Nomad Lifestyle (PT)

Very cool re-imagining of the PT lifestyle originally put forth by PT legend Dr. W. G. Hill. If you don’t know what that is or who he is, just ask and I would be happy to point you in the proper direction. 😉

The Working Nomad Forum

Not very busy anymore, but was back in the day when I was learning from it in a number of ways. I wonder if I could re-invent the wheel yet one more time. Hmmmm… o.0

The Passport Report W.G. Hill Image

If you came to pick my brain about movie ideas, this page is an excellent place to start:

IMDB Top 250 Movies

If you’ve already seen most of those, and you happen to share my tastes in film, then you might try sifting through my 300 personal movie and television favorites here:

Brad Armpitt’s Favorite Movies

If you still can’t feed your fix after all that, then obviously you need a library to browse.  In that case, I would highly suggest…

Setting Up Your Own Account on ‘Let Me Watch This’

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