12:33 am : 07/12/2012  : First entry of the day- Should be asleep by now but, as usual, it ain’t happenin’. At the moment, I cannot remember what the heck I did today! 😀 Oh yeah… a bit ago, the G-man himself stopped by and we sat around and talked for a while. It was good to see him again. We used to get together quite a bit, over the last few years, not so much for the last year or so. Should write much more about that later. He has never even offered to take me where he lives since, I believe, he lived on Delaney. Don’t know what’s up with that, but something smells ripe in Denmark… Anyway, he brought along some mean green to leave with me. Puffed on a couple bowls of it already, and not too bad.

Both of my personal blogs, ‘BradleyJAnderson‘ and ‘WhoTheFuckIsBrad‘, have the same WordPress theme I noticed. It’s called ‘Greyzed‘ and it’s author/creator is ‘The Forge Web Creations‘. I may revert the FuckBrad blog back to it’s original, Hitcockian-influenced theme called “Vertigo”, but I will definitely keep looking around. I think it would be a lot easier for me if I could just learn how to do it myself. It’s hard to get good designs that really appeal to me, but these are personal blogs for me, so even more important than my business ones, at the moment, at least. Not sure if that makes me happy or sad, at the moment, though. Perhaps a bit of both, I may be thinking…

PB & J time, yum, yum, yummmmmmm… 😛

Need to get some serious work done with Ecigs Today quick, especially in getting some material written. Articles are something I need to get a lot of, but this topic is a bit scarce to find anything, and a lot of it is very repetitive.

Finally received my replacement card today, paid off the fine of $165 (and found out it would have been even more expensive had I waited to handle it in court, because then court fees would have to be attached, as well. Then I went to pick my meds, the now-familiar Paxil and the new Lamictal, the only drug I know of that can kill with a deadly rash!  o.0  It’s true… look it up for yourself! The Lamictal is replacing my usual dose of Depakote, which has worked quite well for me in higher doses, but the weight gain is simply unbearable. I could write a book on that, I’m sure, and maybe I should, but more about that topic later.

Lamictal tablet

Lamictal tablet
(Photo credit: My Drug Dealer)

2:14 am:  Just downloaded the ‘Vertigo’ theme, so I think I will set it up on my hosting and get a proper domain name.  With the current set of WordPress plug-in’s I can use on this, this should be very awesome, indeed.  Looks like I’m off and running again.  At least until I nod off.   Can’t wait to see this live with the plug-ins installed.  Should be very cool.

3:04 am:  I’m dead.  Picking out a movie at Let Me Watch This and calling it a night.  Or morning.  Or whatthefuckever.

Later.  Peace! And give it a chance says the late great John Lennon! Enjoy.!  Seacrest, out!

John Lennon Ascii Art Give Peace A Chance


1:10 pm. – Listenin’ to this…

… while sippin’ and tokin’ one of these. Join me now, if you like…