The phoenix-like bird (which I assume is a Mockingjay?) rocks on this fan-made movie poster for the new ‘Hunger Games’ sequel. I personally still cannot mark the original ‘Hunger Games‘ as watched yet, though.  I’ve had it marked as ‘To Watch’ since about a week after it hit theaters. Since the release date of the sequel isn’t for another 2 years, it looks like there may not be a rush on it any time soon, either. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the original, but given that it’s target base is tweens and up, I doubt very much that this one will love up to its hype for me. Kiddies and slightly older people seemed to love this movie, whilst 25 and up weren’t all too thrilled, it seemed.  This looks like it may be another perfect project to tackle solo and make up my own mind. I’ll let you all know sometime or another how it was once I finally decide to dust off the jacket and give it a spin.

Head over to Media Monstrous News for more information regarding the TRILOGY of movies still to come (yes, you read that right)!   But the release strategy of the last two is the most shocking thing of all, in my opinion. We can discuss that point later, because we all know it’s about The Almighty Buck, in the end, but I digress, so continue on your journey to learn more, dear reader, by clicking on the link below. But don’t leave forget to leave a comment here, first!

Source -Thanks to Media Monstrous for the news tip.