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WEBN Still Rocks!!

Super mother-friggin’sweet, bitches! I just got a call from the oldest rock radio station in the area, WEBN, and I am a winner! (See, I told everyone Charlie Sheen was right. He is about the Adonis DNA, too)

I’ve been rockin’ with WEBN (102.7 FM – Home of the Lunatic Fringe) since 1971 when I was only 7, and I’ll be 47 next month, so this is my 40th year listening.

So me and a friend have to show up at the station just before 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday. We will then be taken to the control room where we will party online for the next 2-1/2 hours with Wild Man Walker , Bob The Producer, Shroom, Meat and the oh-so-lovely Jenni .

The people from Budweiser, co-sponsors of the contest, will also be on-hand to give out free beer to all of us during this time. A little early in the day (actually, morning) to be drinking, but what the fuck for a special occasion, right?!

Rodney, the WEBN rep that called me, said that prizes will also be given away during this time and, although he doesn’t know exactly what they will be, everyone will walk out with at least something. I do believe there are 2 really big concerts coming up (Motley Crue/Poison and Goo Goo Dolls/Michele Branch), and this station always give up tickets, so I’m hoping for the best.

I’m always telling everyone how lucky I am with contests, but no one ever believes me. Well, listen in on Tuesday morning and, if I get the chance, you’ll get to hear me yell into the microphone my favorite catchphrase of  late:

“You know what the proudest moment of my life was, Wild Man Walker?”

“What’s that, Brad?”

“When I got this tattoo on my back of the Kool-Aid Man.  3% fruit juice, motherfuckers!  Oh, yeeeeah!!!!”

Hopefully, someone somewhere will have the tape rolling when it happens…

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