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What I Am Currently Working On…

This is a list of goals I am currently working on at 43 Things.

  1. Quit Smoking 9301 people
  2. Work on my relationship with my children 2 people
  3. start exercising regularly 289 people
  4. Do at least two things on my list every day. 1 person
  5. Read 100 classic novels 285 people
  6. Have a totally different life by this time next year 1037 people
  7. Learn to play the guitar 13762 people
  8. live my dreams instead of dreaming my life 168 people
  9. learn to speak french 1762 people
  10. see the northern lights 18732 people
  11. accomplish 101 things in 1001 days 70 people
  12. eat healthier 10972 people
  13. visit new york city 946 people
  14. write another book 81 people
  15. Compare myself to no one, but who I was yesterday 122 people
  16. make friends all over the world 328 people
  17. get my driver’s license 5420 people
  18. make my goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely 1 person
  19. nurture my mind: be deliberate about what I take in: art, music, words 2 people
  20. get a Wii 103 people
  21. Learn a martial art 1566 people
  22. travel the world 20540 people
  23. Participate in PostCrossing 77 people
  24. reinvent myself 411 people
  25. get rid of my toenail fungus 10 people
  26. learn to sing 2840 people
  27. go back to school 2672 people
  28. Trace my family tree 3008 people
  29. create a shoe tree 4 people
  30. If I repeat today’s actions 365 times, will I be where I want to be a year from now? 3 people
  31. Become Financially Independent 6099 people
  32. get more tattoos 1676 people
  33. learn to fly an airplane 186 people
  34. 10 blogs running and monetized – $1,000/mo. 1 person
  35. Learn to use a Fushigi ball. 1 person
  36. attend the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam 29 people
  37. Back up all my WordPress sites. 1 person
  38. Have 43people help Flirt’s 43things Teddy Bear travel around the world!!! 22 people
  39. Do 43 things I’ve never done before! 20 people
  40. Allow myself to only be treated well by the people I choose to have friendships and relationships with. If they do not, I need to find the courage to move on without them. 291 people
  41. Shamelessly affirm myself for a month 3 people
  42. Be more social 5,453 people
  43. Start looking into various options for ‘disabled’ people. 1 person

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